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OK, Parents and Teachers too...

This page contains many links and resources for Kids, as well as Parents & Teachers.

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Cool Safe Places,
Great Movies,
Great Books,
Books on the Net,
Anatomy and Health,
Literacy and Literature,
Science and Engineering,
Society and Politics,
University of Toronto Faculties and Centres,
Other Canadian Universities,
Ontario Centres of Excellence,
Search Engines and MetaBrowsers,
Parents and Teachers.

Cool Safe Places
* Childrens Own Museum
* PBS for Kids
* Fun School
* NIEHS Fun Facts and Trivia for Kids
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Great Movies
-The Dog Who Stopped the War
-The Goonies
-James and the Giant Peach
-Milo and Otis
-The Mouse and His Child
-The Peanut Butter Solution
-The Red Balloon
-The Secret of Nimh
-Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Original version 1971)
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Great Books
** Ages 4 to 8
- A Screaming Kind of Day
- A Very Special Critter
- Looking at Opposites: Hot Cold Shy Bold
- Red Parka Mary
- Something Good
- Wolf Island
** Ages 9 to 11
- Aiko's Flowers
- The Bracelet
- The Last Safe House: A Story of the Underground Railroad
- Love as Strong as Ginger
- Morning on the Lake
- Something to Remeber Me By
- The Toilet Paper Tigers
**Ages 12 to 14
- Ghost Train
- I Have a Dream
- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
- The Hollow Tree
- The Kidnapped Prince
- This Land
- Trapped in Ice
- Waiting for the Rain
- You are the Earth from Dinosaur Breath to Pizza from Dirt
** Various Ages
-Alice in Wonderland
-Anne of Green Gables
-Charlotte's Web
-The Dark
-Fantastic Mister Fox
-The House at Pooh Corner
-The Little Prince
-Oh, the Places You'll Go
-Solomon the Rusty Nail
-Where the Wild Things Are
-The Wind in the Willows
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Books on the Net
Some of history's greatest books are available on the Net, from Shakespeare's works to Aesop's fables...
Library of Congress - online library including a long list of classics and other books, all free
* Project Gutenburg - one of the first online book sites, with over 27,000 free books
* Free Classic eBooks - Thousands of free out-of-copyright classic literature in pdf and prc formats (for android, ipad, iphone, kindle, kobo, nook, Sony ereader)
* On-Line Books (over 30000 titles)
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* Encyclopedia
* Encyclopedia Britannica
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Anatomy and Health
* Anatomy
* Kids Health
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* Cyber Playground (the arts)
* Puzzlemaker
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* CIA World Fact Book
* Greenpeace
* National Geographic Expeditions
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* 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
* BBC Online's History Site
* History Net
* History Wiz
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Literacy and Literature
* Children's Literature Web Site
* Stories to Grow By
* Multiple Cross Dictionary Look-Up
* Words, Grammar & Language
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* Calculus
* Derivatives and Integrals
* Wolfram's Online Integrator
* Math Excercises For Kids aged 6 to 11
* Math Forum
* Math League
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*Mind Tools-Memory Techniques
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* Education World
* Info Please
* Toronto Public Library
* Virtual Reference Library (TPL)
* Wikipedia
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Science and Engineering
* Bill Nye the Science Guy
* ExInEd - Space Science Telescope Institute
* Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA)
* How Stuff Works
* IMAGE - Imager for Magnetosphere-to-Aurora Global Explorer
* Image Poetry and "Ask the Space Scientist"
* Mad Scientist Network (ask a scientist a question)
* Mars Info
* SEDS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
* Pre-Engineering
* Science Fair Central
* Scientific American Online
* Star Types and Colours
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Society and Politics
* Canada's Digital Collections
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* Babel Fish
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University of Toronto: Faculties and Centrese
* University of Toronto: Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering 
* University of Toronto: Department of Computer Science
* University of Toronto: Engineering Computing Faculty
* University of Toronto: Centre for Technology & Social Development
* University of Toronto: Energenius Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology
* University of Toronto: Nortel Institute for Communications
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Other Universities
* Brock University
* Carleton University
* Lakehead University
* Laurentian University
* McMaster University
* Queen's University
* Royal Military College
* Ryerson University
* Trent University
* University of Western Ontario
* University of Guelph
* University of Ottawa
* University of Waterloo
* University of Windsor
* Wilfred Laurier University
* York University
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Ontario Centres of Excellence
* Ontario Centres of Excellence
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Search Engines and Metabrowsers
* AltaVista
* Ask Jeeves
* Bing
* Dogpile
* Excite
* Fast Search
* Google
* HotBot
* Lycos
* Search
* WebCrawler
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Parents and Teachers
* Family Education
* Gateway to Educational Material
* The Math Forum at Drexel, Teacher2Teacher
* National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
* TeacherSource
* GVSU Resources for Teachers
* NIL Early Literacy Knowledge & Instruction
* ReadWriteThink Lesson Plans
* Tools For Understanding Math
* NEH History and Social Studies
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